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Business First Approach


Lasting business value is less about the next great IT technology or architecture fad.  It's about pre-defining what the business needs strategically and operationally, determining how you'll measure success, and building technical programs and IT solutions that are iteratively evaluated while enhancing or creating capabilities that create value streams aligned to your strategic objectives. 

Unique to Victory’s delivery model is a focus on the Enterprise architecture at the framework level with a ”business down” or business first approach. 


In this way, we help build cohesive IT strategies, no matter what the technology.

The Victory Path to IT Success


We believe that your IT infrastructure should be a reflection of your business. By engaging at any, or all, levels of your IT Enterprise framework as you need us, we learn your business from the inside out while remaining agnostic as we evaluate solutions. By working together, we can help establish scalable IT strategies and milestone driven returns that positively impact your business, versus building ours.

Through our BDAT evaluation (Business, Data, Application, & Technology Infrastructure) we evaluate the four (4) pivotal layers of an effective IT systems architecture.  The result identifies the capabilities needed in all parts of your Company that can contribute to future success.

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